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If the only thing you know about Canada is that it is the home of the `Mounties` then you will not know how fabulous a country it is as a holiday destination.

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and offers something for everyone. Indeed few countries can offer as many choices to the traveller as this country.

For those who like cities, Toronto offers great food and culture festivals most of the year while Quebec and Montreal represent Colonial Canada and contain many fine historical buildings and forts. For those who want adventure and a taste of the outdoor, there are canoe and kayak trips on the Great Lakes, hiking in the wilderness of the Banff and Jasper National Parks, or whale watching off the Atlantic coast. And for foodies head to New Brunswick for luscious lobster, Prince Edward Island for world-famous oysters, try authentic sushi in Victoria or dim sum in Toronto, where the Chinese restaurants are the best this side of Hong Kong.

And of course no visit to Canada is complete without a trip to the world famous Niagara Falls on the Canada/American border but be prepared to get soaked.

Canadian people are beautifully diverse and wonderfully nice. They are perfect hosts and just love showing off their country. In the north you will come across the Inuits, indigenous Canadians otherwise known as Eskimos. In the south the country is divided between the English speaking community and the longer-established French-speaking community around Quebec. But Canada is a country built on immigration and cultural diversity and what helps make it a great place to visit.

It is fair to say that Canada is not the cheapest place to stay but it is far from the most expensive with accommodation likely to be the biggest expense. Some regions are more expensive than others with Quebec, the Atlantic Provinces, Manitoba and Saskatchewan offering the best value. You should reckon on spending $175 or so per day if renting a car, staying in decent B&BS and eating at least one daily meal out.

The Canadian weather is one of marked extremes and getting the right weather is dependent on what you want you to do. Canadian winters are long, dark and cold and unless you are going there for the skiing, there is not much more to do besides . Summer is the best time to go and much of the action will take place outdoors though summers in the north are short before winter sets in. March-May and September/October can be ideal with fewer tourists, pleasant weather and in the autumn vibrant colours in the trees are a great attraction. However you don`t really go to Canada for the sun.

Getting there is easy with airlines like British Airways and Air Canada operating a full flight schedule from the UK to most of the major cities in the country. You might even want to fly into somewhere like New York and drive across the border though some entry points do get busy in the summer months.

This is a vast country and to see as much of it as you can it is likely that you will at some point experience travel by boat along Canada`s many rivers, lakes and waterways. Another great way to get around is by train and trains in Canada are of a different class offering fine viewing of the changing and magnificent landscapes.

And for those wanting to get around and see beyond the cities and a bit more of this most beautiful and stunning country, car hire is a must and maybe even the North American`s favourite means of transport, the recreational vehicle or RV. Not only will this get you around this sprawling country but provide you with accommodation too.

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