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China is a vast country and so are the things that you can see and do there. China's weather varies from bitter cold in winter to unbearable heat in summer.

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China. It is a world-renowned historical, cultural and educational city. Beijing is well known in the world for its numerous historical sites, elegant gardens and beautiful landscape.

It is a city of exhibitions and festivals. There is the once a year Beijing international books exhibition, communication exhibition, automobile exhibition as well as performances by the world's top level artists.

A lot of festivals are celebrated like the Spring Festival, Moon Festival, ice sculpture festival, Da Guan Yuan welcome spring festival, kite festival, watermelon festival, peach blossom festival and red leaves festival. All these show the rich cultural and social customs.

The must do and see are the walk along the Great Wall of China, admire the Li River Scenery, visit the historical Tiananmen Square, visit the Beijing Zoo, visit the Ba people's hanging coffin and watch the famous Acrobats in action.

China is also a paradise for food lovers, and the food can be outstanding. It includes a lot of fresh vegetables, meat, noodles, rice, fish, dumplings and regional specialties, with an amazing number of ways to prepare, spice, serve, pickle or preserve the food. More on Chinese Cuisine.

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