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Your Next Vacation - Germany

If you're looking for a vacation spot that has it all - check out Germany! It has gorgeous castles on the Rhein River, cosmopolitan cities, exquisite tourist attractions and excellent skiing.

There are numerous castles to visit in Germany, such as Neuschwanstein, Heidelberg and Salzberg. If you enjoy skiing, there is no better place to dust off your skis than the Bavarian Alps. Ski the Zugspitze in Bavaria, which is Germany's highest mountain.

You can visit many historic cities such as Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. When in Berlin, you must visit the Bradenberg Gate which symbolizes the new Berlin. Visit Cologne and see the Cologne Cathedral - one of the grandest churches which defines Gothic style.

What could be more exciting than experiencing Oktoberfest in Munich. You can sample the numerous German beers, eat bratwurst and view the many festivities.

Sample the exquisite German food such as wienerschnitzel, sauerbraten and pommes frites (french fries). Act like a local and visit a local bakery for some delicious pastries and bread.

Participate in a Volksmarch during the weekend and see the country side. You will experience a vacation that you will never forget. Partake in countless wine festivals along the Rhein River.

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