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Italy- Magnificent Bella Italia

Italy is placed in Southern Europe. The climate in Italy, especially in Rome, Florence and the Tuscan region is very mild and it is very hot and steaming in the dead of the summer. Few things are essential: wear light clothing, sunglasses, a hat and an umbrella. It is necessary to follow a dress standard and it is strictly enforced in many churches, especially in Rome at St. Peter's and the Vatican Museums.

The main season for tourism is spring, summer and autumn, especially because the landscape at this time of the year is very beautiful and attractive for sightseeing and visiting the attractions. In this country the people live the "la vita Italiana".

Italy (Bella Italia, the Bel Paese) is a country without boundaries, with something to offer to every casual tourist. You can start from visiting three of Italy’s very best mountain villages: Courmayeur, Cortina and Madonna di Campiglio, which are the snow-iced mountains. The Italian transportation include trains, planes, buses, and car rentals. From Mediterranean beaches to hill villages and cities that have bustled for thousands of years, all can be found in this southern Europe country. Italy is a beautiful country, a place of olive oil, pasta, wine, roman ruins and renaissance palaces; Italy has a lot to give to its tourists. Italy is a country rich in culture, history and traditions. You can feel the history everywhere you go in Italy and that shows the value of this country.

Rome has scores of beautiful romantic lanes, restaurants and parks and whether you're visiting Rome for a honeymoon, Valentine's weekend or a surprise birthday trip, you may visit the most romantic restaurants, strolls and places to enjoy with someone special that you love. You can get some of the famous classic Italian dishes, and wash it down with fine local wine. You can discover easily the beautiful landscapes of Italy; Verona province may be fascinating, but you have to visit Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan. You can enjoy with an outstanding glass of wine and a fine meal followed by a romantic gondola ride on the canals of Venice. For those who adore the Italian wine, Piemonte is related with Barolo and Barbaresco, the most famous wines made out of the Nebbiolo grape. Lots of tourist attractions like museums, modern art, music and book fairs you can visit in Italy. If you choose seascapes, try Liguria and the Cinque Terre, Campania and the Amalfi Coast, or Sicily and the Aeolian Isles. Visit Sicily, Turin, Capri, Sorrento, Abruzzo or San Gimignano, and you will be overwhelmed of the beauty. Italy is home to some of the world famous attractions like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Forum, Fontana di Trevi, Castle Sant'Angelo and beautiful basilicas.

Italian cuisine is famous worldwide. The two popular dishes, pizzas and pastas, are well-known worldwide. Italian recipes are known for its use of fine ingredients such as herbs and spices. One of the popular Italian dishes is called Hence, a dish such as white truffles or "trifola d’Alba ". You can taste the seafood with a touch French flavor, with some lemon. One of the simplest and easiest thing to make and can gratify your tasting buds is bruschetta, which is served as an appetizer.

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